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What Do You Have to Say about That?

I love getting great deals. Samples, coupons, subscription boxes that give you wayyyy more value for your $$. For instance, Birchbox consistently delivers $20-30 worth of products for $10. BeautyArmy lets you pick 6 high quality samples for $12/month, and if you don’t like the samples they’re offering that month, you can skip it. My most recent box of love is the FabFitFun VIP Box. Holy Moly! You get one every season, so four boxes/year, and for $49.95 (for spring) I got more than $175 worth of products. That’s my kind of a deal.

You know what I love even more? Getting things for free. Seriously. There are sites that will give you free products in return for sharing your opinion on social media. That’s it. Try, tweet, post a coupon, that’s it. A few FB friends might get annoyed, but let’s be real: Sharing info about great products is being a good friend. And they can always unfollow 🙂

I wanted to share a few of my favorites because people often ask me how I find these products:

BzzAgent is a great site that rewards you for taking surveys, trying products and sharing with your friends. I just joined a few months ago and have all ready gotten to try Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola–which is my new breakfast favorite, btw–and delicious new Special K Coffeehouse Breakfast protein shakes. After you try the FREE products, you talk about your experiences, share coupons and reviews with friends on social media and in person. Easy, right?

Smiley360 is one of my favorites. You take a quick survey to see if you’re a good candidate, try the products, and share through super easy tools on their site. You don’t even have to make up your own tweets! I have been fortunate to discover some amazing new products through Smiley360 “missions” including OxiClean Extreme Power Crystals™ Dishwasher Detergent, Centrum Flavor Burst multi-vitamin chews, Fiber Choice Fruity bites, Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Cat litter, Bic Mark-It Permanent markers, my new favorite obsession: Nature’s Bounty® Hair, Skin, & Nail Gummies, and MORE. Honestly, that’s a lot of free stuff just for sharing my opinion, which is something I all ready love to do. For Free. Ask my husband and kids.

ExpoTV is a little bit different. If you love making vines, then this is for you. You can upload reviews of products you use and earn points. Or, when you are part of their Tryology program, they send you a product, you try it and upload a video review. While, I’m no celebrity spokesperson, I wrangle my favorite 13-year-old, a smartphone, and talk for 1-2 minutes about the products I’ve tested. And I’ve gotten to test some great products from: L’Oreal, AirWick, Crayola, Clear Care, and even some new products that aren’t on the market yet.

If you love a great deal, getting free stuff, and sharing your opinion, check these sites out! Questions? Ask away. I’ve got one for you: Where do you find your favorite deals?



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Gifts, Giveaways, and Other Fun Stuff!

If you missed the Save the Planet Giveaway, fear not, I’ll let you in on a secret: there’s gonna be another one. And since this month is all about mom’s, the prizes will include some great products to help you pamper yourself or a special mom in your life.

I’ll let you know when it starts. In the meantime, won’t you come visit my friend’s blog: Must Have Boxes? I am super excited that I won her latest giveaway–which is crazy because I never win anything–and am featured in her reader spotlight. And if you don’t want to read about me, my feelings aren’t hurt, she does amazing reviews of subscription boxes!




What’s In Your Mailbox?

I love learning about new things, healthy foods, must-read books, makeup that takes years off my face, and of course anything that will take the frizz out of my hair. My Birchbox subscription has been a delightful source of enlightenment, and now new subscription boxes are popping up addressing all sorts of different interests. My friend over at Must Have Boxes does amazing and thorough reviews of beauty boxes, so check her site out, but I just wanted to mention a few that have caught my interest.

  1. Birchbox. Although I love beauty products, I’m far too frugal to spend a lot of money trying out all the latest trends. However, for $10 a month, Birchbox lets me try high end wrinkle creams, hair defrizzers, makeup and so many more products that I would probably never have tried if they hadn’t arrived in an adorable custom-curated box on my doorstep. The arrival of my Birchbox is the highlight of my month.
  2. Conscious Box. Their tagline: “Discover the purest and most sustainable products
    on the planet—every month” pretty much says it all. They offer unique vegan, gluten-free, eco-friendly, green products for $19.95/month. What a great way to discover new products and companies that are making a difference in the world. Hebron USA’s Florax DS was featured in a gluten-free box.
  3. BarkBox. Do you have some furry friends who deserve special treatment? Or a hard-to-buy-for friend with a pampered pooch? BarkBox could be the answer. For as little as $19/month, your pup is treated to its own box each month filled with treats, toys, and other canine goodies. Plus, 10% of the proceeds go to a local shelter or rescue, so while you’re treating the dogs you love, you’re also helping others who may not have a loving human.
  4. Cravebox. This was actually the first subscription box I tried. They seem geared toward moms and working women. I recently ordered “Book and Beauty,” as the name drew me right in, and I just received notification that I’m getting another called “Bikini Ready.” Let’s hope it helps! The boxes range from $12-15 and you pick only the ones that interest you so you don’t necessarily get one each month. My first box had lotion, conditioner, some Biore samples and a book, but I’m really looking forward to the next one.
  5. Birchbox Man. This is a great idea for the, uh, well-groomed man in your life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really for my man. He rarely wears a tie, which he got in his first and only box, and while he liked the cologne and manly smelling lotion—he usually settles for my girly stuff—it just wasn’t a worthwhile investment for $20/month. His $20 would have been better spent on fishing bait or beer. So if your man is more manly than metro, I’d suggest skipping this one.

Have you tried subscription boxes? What is your favorite? Any that you would or wouldn’t recommend?