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Sisterhood Magazine–Review and Giveaway

If you are a teen, have raised a teen, or just remember what it was like to be one, you know what a tumultuous time it is. Young men and women face so many obstacles physically, emotionally, and now those obstacles are compounded through social media.

Sisterhood Magazine offers teen girls hope, encouragement, and inspiration by sharing stories of young women like them who are living out their faith–and their dreams–every day. Additionally, Sisterhood addresses tough issues and gives young women an outlet and forum to discuss their thoughts, questions, fears and hopes with like-minded individuals.

As the mother of three–including two teens–I try to give my children every tool available to help them navigate these difficult years, and Sisterhood is definitely a great tool.

If you have a teen or tween girl on your Christmas list this year, instead of body wash and lip gloss, why not give a gift that touches her soul and invigorates her spirit. You might just ignite a passion that spurs a life change!

Check out Sisterhood today for a great Cyber Monday deal–and the best savings you’ll find all year!

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