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About that Eczema…

Awhile ago, I wrote about curing my 7-year-old’s eczema using the probiotic Florax DS. If you missed that post you can read it here.

Perhaps when I first mentioned this miracle eczema cure, you (and I) surmised that it might have been the Florax DS, but it might have been something else. I also told you, I have used creams, oils, butters, wax and many external interventions that didn’t work. I have read often–and if you or your child suffers from eczema, I’m sure you have too–that eczema comes from internal causes: food, allergies, gut imbalances and more so it makes sense that an internal cure would work better than external remedy; right?

Now, sometimes life gets busy, and people get complacent, and mamas might muse, “Maybe it just went away on its own…” I started using it because it worked, but then I kind of forgot that it was working or at the very least took it for granted. Several few weeks ago, I got a sample of another probiotic for kids and thought, perhaps, it would work the same. Plus, it was free, and Florax DS is not. Unfortunately, within two weeks, my little girl’s skin was itchy, rashy, bumpy, scratchy, and I sadly realized: S#$T!! All probiotics are not created equally.

Fortunately, I can get Florax DS at Walgreens, and within a day or two her skin will be back to normal, but I wish she didn’t have to suffer through that. Admittedly, she liked the taste of the other probiotic better, but Florax DS works. And through trial and error, we’ve learned that if she opens her mouth really wide I can shoot it in with a medicine syringe and she doesn’t even taste it. (This is her Shake It and Take It face).wpid-IMG_20140303_120425.jpg

While, I have zero interest in the different strains of bacteria and cell count and other lingo that probiotic companies throw out at consumers, I do know that Florax DS is made from brewer’s yeast unlike others, including the brand I tried, which are bacteria-based.

This issue just came to the forefront again recently, as I discussed eczema remedies with friends, and I stand by my initial assertion that Florax DS works. But I thought I should write about it again since now, I can back that up with another fact: Not all probiotics do.

Want to try it for yourself? Head to your nearest Walgreens, or order today at

Do you or your child suffer from eczema? I would love to hear your story!


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Shake It and Take It

Having a child opens you up to a whole world of things you’ve been warned and not warned about. Although I ran the gamut from amazing to awful birth stories, I have been blessed in more ways than I can count. A few: My kids slept through the night very early—God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. They come home from school and do their homework without nagging. They are healthy, kind and happy most of the time. The list goes on, but this isn’t about counting your blessings. We do that all the time. This is about:

Eczema. This trial we have faced for several years. My youngest child has itchy, irritated skin that last week brought her into my bed at 3 a.m. tossing, turning, and scratching. My son had it as well, but his was quickly remedied with Eucerin cream. Hers is not so easy.

Early Trials. For a while cocoa butter worked. For a while shea butter worked. For a while coconut oil worked. For awhile I bought homemade soy candles and rubbed the melted liquid on her because that worked. Nothing provided a solid consistent cure though. We try remedy after remedy all winter, then her skin clears up when spring arrives, and I forget about it until the following winter. However, when you crawl in my bed and keep me up all night: You get my attention.

Keep It Down. A few months ago, my brother-in-law mentioned that his eczema had cleared up since he’d been taking Florax DS. Although I take it regularly and have written about the huge improvements in my health, I am sometimes lax about giving it to my kids. And honestly, sometimes, for all their good qualities, they’re pretty awful medicine takers. If it doesn’t taste like bubble gum, they’re probably going to vomit it on me. But remembering his statement, I decided to try.

Surprise. I prefaced this undertaking with: This might help your “itchies,” so you should drink it really fast and wash it down with a glass of water and try really hard not to throw it back up; okay?. (Is this just me? Do your kids puke when they take medicine??) So after a big confidence-building pep talk, she took the Florax DS remarking, “It actually tastes pretty good.”

Results. After two doses (one per week) her eczema is almost gone. She had a huge patch on her face for the last month and a half, and it is GONE. Last night when she got out of the tub, I didn’t have to tell her to stop scratching. This morning, I didn’t have to lube her up with coconut oil before she got dressed. Signal heavens opening and angels playing harps.

I know what you’re thinking, but I promise you I have not done one other thing differently. It can only be the Florax DS. Wanna try it? Message me.


Even MORE Benefits of Probiotics

Although it doesn’t feel much like spring, flipping the calendar to March put a little extra spring in my step this morning and gave me hope that the flu, strep throat, and respiratory infections that have been so prevalent will soon subside.

This winter has been an eye-opener. After adding a weekly probiotic to my diet, and I am healthier than I’ve ever been—knock on wood, I know it’s only March 1–but in the midst of multiple stomach flus, respiratory and sinus infections and a few bouts of strep in my house (not everyone here is as faithful about taking their Florax DS), I’ve been illness free.

So if adding a probiotic is something you’ve been considering, I highly recommend it. And Florax DS, made from all-natural brewer’s yeast, is an excellent choice. Of course, I’ll tell you why; thanks for asking:

  • Gut Health=Immune Health. Since more than 60 percent of your immune system is in your gut or digestive system, by keeping your gut healthy you keep your entire body healthy. Check out Kate and Garrett’s story. He was hospitalized several times last year for life-threatening infections. Since adding Florax DS to his regimen along some additional alterations including overnight nursing care, Garrett has not had one trip to the hospital.
  • Shake It and Take It. Some probiotics are just good bacteria, and while that is good for your gut, Florax DS contains a host of other vitamins and minerals. In one little vial that you take once a week, you get a huge dose of good-for-your-body stuff. Do your research and you’ll find you need to take a handful of pills, every day, to get the same benefits.
  • No More Itchy Skin. Do you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions? Brewer’s yeast has been proven to relieve symptoms. I can offer my own testimonial because I tried every skin cream on the shelves and even a few prescription ones to relieve my child’s eczema, Florax DS has finally given her relief.
  • Goodbye, PMS. Not all probiotics help alleviate symptoms of PMS, but the all-natural brewer’s yeast in Florax DS can. Taken about a week before or at the onset of the week from hell as I like to call it, this supplement can help reduce bloating, fatigue, and digestive issues associated with that time of the month.
  • Weight Management. The chances are good that if your gut is functioning at full capacity, you will have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Additionally, research shows that B vitamins and chromium (both are in Florax DS) could reduce the amount of fat your body stores to keep you from starving.

I’ve written a lot more about the benefits of probiotics, and I would be happy to talk with you about them or answer any questions. Message me or comment here. I’d love to hear about your experiences!