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That Crazy Wrap Thing

Last week I had the opportunity to try an It Works body wrap from the lovely Gina at Wrap and Slim You. I saw some posts about these wraps and was intrigued by the amazing before and after pictures of flatter, toned bellies, vanished double chins, and thinner, cellulite-free legs. So you can imagine HOW EXCITED I was to try them for myself!

The wrap arrived in a suprisingly small package–I guess for all that hope I was putting into the thing, I imagined it would be bigger. Gina gave me extensive instructions, and I couldn’t wait to try it.

My immediate observations: Measuring and taking before pictures was pretty discouraging. I eat healthy and work out pretty regularly, but it seems like since I hit 40 the weight just keeps creeping on.

Back to the wrap. It is very thin and kind of slippery as it’s covered with this miracle cream, but it was easy to apply. While the saran wrapping was kind of awkward, it worked out. It might be easier if you did this with a friend and wrapped each other. Although, having done it once, I’m confident I’ll be able to wrap myself just fine the next time.

I first noticed the scent, which was pleasant, kind of menthol-y. And when I applied the wrap, it felt warm and tingly–as, I imagined, it was melting the fat away.

The directions advise leaving the wrap on for 45 minutes the first time, I showered, applied the wrap, did my hair and makeup and then read for a little bit. While it says that you can do normal activities while wearing the wrap, but I felt mine was a bit precarious and opted to stay relatively still. Future wraps you can leave on up to 8 hours.

When I removed the wrap, there was a lot of cream still left that I massaged into my stomach and legs (as the directions suggest) and immediately noticed my stomach looked and felt flatter. When I remeasured, I had lost an inch and a half from my waist! Now, I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t really know what is considered the waist these days, but I measured the narrowest part of my midsection–the smallest part of the hourglass, if you will. I figured as long as I measured the same place both times, the results would be accurate.

While I wrapped my stomach, you can use it on any area you choose: legs, but, arms, even cut it into smaller strips and use for your neck/chin. I can’t wait to wrap my neck–you all ready know how I feel about this waddle.

I know, I know, you want to see before and after pictures; here’s the deal: I was so excited with the results of ONE wrap, I decided to try the full regimen (4 wraps). So, I will show after pictures then. Intrigued? Message me if you want to try too!wpid-PSE25.jpg