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Hebron USA’s Sizzling Summer Giveaway

To celebrate 10,000 Facebook fans, Hebron USA is holding a Sizzling Summer giveaway. While the actual prizes are a surprise, Hebron USA asked fans what they’d like win and gift cards and products were the answers and the prize package is valued at $100!


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You’re Fabulous–Flaws and All


We’ve talked about things we could love on Thursday, so let’s revisit that and embrace our fabulously flawed selves. If you are a woman, and maybe some of you guys too, you’ve probably sat too close to a mirror picking, plucking, and criticizing your pores, skin, eyebrows or some other part of your face. Similarly, you’ve probably spent collective hours in front of a mirror criticizing your thighs, stomach, butt, legs or some other part of your anatomy.

While the media has given us some ridiculously unattainable goals to reach for beat ourselves up for never quite reaching, we can fight back with one tiny shift in perspective: Love Yourself. Accept your thighs, stomach, crows feet, pooch, whatever flawed part of you brings you the most grief: Start loving it. I hope that no mean people read this blog, but if they do: Hey, stop being mean. I would never talk to another living creature (or allow anyone else to speak to me) the way my inner critic does.

Comparisons are costly. Checking out your vacation pictures, and instead of enjoying the memories you’re beating yourself up for not looking as fabulous as a Victoria’s Secret model in your vacation pictures. Sound familiar? “Don’t put that picture on Facebook! I look fat!” Reality check: Victoria’s secret models are amazingly beautiful women, but their images are also captured and edited by the most talented photographers in the world. We would all look a little more fabulous if we had that luxury. Embrace your realness.

And while we’re on the topic of Facebook: The most popular girl in high school is still skinny, gorgeous, married to a wealthy, handsome man who adores her, and they travel the world with their perfect children. Really? Perhaps. But she probably wouldn’t post that she struggles with an eating disorder, or that her marriage is crumbling after an affair, or that her eldest child was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome because people don’t put that on Facebook. Don’t compare yourself to others. Embrace your uniqueness and love your own flawed family.

Finally, do unto yourself as you would do unto others. Yes, you read that right. We’ve nearly all been taught to treat others as we would want them to treat us, but what about treating ourselves kindly? Compliment yourself just as you would your friend. “Hey, your hair looks great today!” “Did you lose weight?” “That dress looks amazing; I love that color on you!” I don’t know about you, but my inner talk rarely sounds like that. In fact, it sounds like nothing I would ever say out loud to myself or anyone else. So tell that voice to shut up and say something nice to that fabulous person in the mirror.

How will you be kind to yourself today?

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Save The Ties for A Pinterest Project

Next Sunday, June, 16th, we will celebrate fathers. For many, Dad is our first love, hero, friend, confidante, and playmate. He’s the guy who sometimes lets you skip a bath when Mom’s not home. He’ll shoot you a conspiratorial smile when you jump off the swing even though Mom said it was “too dangerous.” He’ll walk you down the aisle and give your kids candy when you’re not looking. He’s one of a kind, and he’s irreplaceable. He’s also really hard to shop for.

We try to pick out the perfect gift for this special guy avoiding the stereotypical pitfalls of ties, wallets, and cufflinks—I never really got cufflinks. Often, however, dads’ interests rarely lend themselves to a quick stop at Walgreen’s or a florist shop. So here are a few ideas to help you pick a winning gift for the important dads in your life:

  • BEER I’m not gonna pull any punches: The dads in my life like beer. So a sampler pack of craft beers definitely conveys the message: “You’re important to me!” And for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a Home Brew kit says, “Hey, man, Anheuser Busch has nothing on you!” Cheers, Dad, you rock.
  • BARBECUE On any given summer evening, dads everywhere are perched over a grill preparing some culinary delights for their families. There’s something about fire that most men like. Anyway, help him channel his inner Bobby Flay with some cool tools, if he loves to grill. And if he doesn’t, take him out for some barbecue he didn’t singe his eyebrows making. If you choose this option, don’t forget the Kios DS–on the off chance somebody overindulges.
  • BACKYARD Lots of guys like to hang out in the backyard they spend so much time mowing, mulching, and landscaping. Whether relaxing in a hammock or playing cornhole, he will surely enjoy reaping the rewards of his hard work on the yard. Depending on what the men in your lives like: Set up a badminton net and challenge them to a game or just offer them a comfy chair and a cold beverage.
  • BALLS As in sports, friends; it goes with the B theme. Is your man a sports fanatic? Does he have your name tattooed on his arm, or a sports team logo? If you shamefully chose the latter, don’t be embarrassed, men can passionate about sports. Don’t fight it; embrace it. Get him tickets to see his favorite team. Perhaps get him a new jersey to replace that ratty one he wears for every game. (NOTE: don’t throw the ratty one away as it may hold some superstitious mystical powers, and if you pitch it, you’ll see a whole new kind of crazy.)
  • BIRCHBOX Maybe the man in your life is not the hunter-gatherer, football-watching manly man. Perhaps he really likes to maintain his appearance, has as many products in his medicine cabinet as you, or really just enjoys a good moisturizing shave cream or a great hair product. Or maybe he just likes to look his best hunting, gathering, and watching sports. If this sounds like the man in your life, perhaps a Birchbox Man subscription is right for him. They offer a variety of products to keep men looking, feeling, and smelling great.

Now, I have to go buy some gifts! What are you getting the men in your life?