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Things We Could Love Thursday

Several blogs I follow share weekly pieces called “Things I Love Thursday.” I look forward to reading these and getting a fun start to my day. Focusing on love and positive energy can not only lift our spirits, but it can also heal our bodies. Shaking hands, hugging a friend, snuggling a kitten, and lots of similar acts produce oxytocin, an amazing healing hormone.

There are countless case studies, scientific articles, and some cheesy love songs touting the healing power of love, so welcome to Things We Could Love Thursday, where we will shift our focus on five usually unlovable things:

  1. Thighs. Let’s dive right in. Anyone like their thighs? Really? Google thighs: You get a bunch of tips to make them thinner. However, dig deep, because I found a study indicating people with bigger thighs have less risk for cardiovascular disease and premature death than their scrawny counterparts. That, my friends, is a good reason to embrace your thighs.
  2. Laundry. It is a thankless job. You finish a load and there is another waiting. Reframe that time and use it as an escape. Put headphones on and listen to music or an audio book. Take your time. Enjoy the warmth of the freshly dried clothes. Smile at your children and point to your ears, “Mommy can’t hear you; I’m doing laundry.” It has become one of my favorite chores.
  3. Hair. If it’s curly we straighten it. If it’s straight we curl it. It’s an issue. Let’s stop fighting with our hair and let it be how it wants to be. Ask your stylist for a cut that works with your hair type. If you have curly hair, don’t get that cute cut for poker straight hair. You will never replicate that salon look in your bathroom mirror. Tears will be shed. Trust me; I speak from experience. Love your locks. As they are.
  4. Long Lines. We’ve all been there. The person in front of you is buying 42 cans of cat food, and the cashier comments on each one. “Tuna Surprise?” Your choice: You can stew and feel your blood pressure rise. Or you can accept those extra few minutes as a gift and read the US Weekly headlines. A little Real Housewife drama always makes me smile. Disclaimer: This only applies if you are shopping alone. If you’re in a long line with a small child—text me; I’ll pray for you.
  5. Annoying People. I went there. We all have them: the whiny co-worker, the overbearing mother-in-law (not mine, mine is fabulous), the grouchy boss. Next time you’re tempted to roll your eyes, instead really look at that person. Really listen. What can you learn from him or her? Sometimes the most annoying people have the most to teach us. Visualize your interactions as an opportunity to grow. NOTE: If an upset stomach ensues from swallowing your pride, take Kios DS!

What could you love more? Try it. “I am going to love __________.” And go! Write it in the comments; I’m going to do laundry, and I won’t be able to hear you.



Sneaky Fitness

Did you have a wonderful Valentine’s day celebrating love, indulging in chocolates and dinners at delicious restaurants—whatever people who celebrate Valentine’s Day do. I celebrated at the doctor with a sick boy and an elementary school dance with 50 little girls (and maybe a few moms—but not me) crowded around a Justin Bieber look-a-like DJ.

That marvelous intro leads to my real point: Some days our busy lives don’t allow much time for fitness, so how can we sneak in some exercise when we can’t hit the gym?

Take the Stairs

You can find them wherever and often even if you don’t go anywhere. I am fortunate to have two sets in my house that I must use regularly. Up to do laundry, down to make dinner. Up to take a shower, down to unload the dishwasher. Up to go to bed, down to get a thirsty child a drink of water. You get it. That’s a lot of calories even if you never leave the house.

Brush Your Teeth

I guess brushing your teeth burns calories, but I’m referring to the two minutes or so you have to stand there brushing your teeth. Use them. You can do lunges, squats, plie squats, calf raises. I’d recommend leg work. I tried once to do one-armed push-ups, but it was a ridiculously ambitious endeavor that landed me on my face on the bathroom floor.

Walk. Fast.

This is tricky when you have children with you—unless they are little enough to put in the cart—then you’re good. But seriously, when you go to the grocery, park at the end of the parking lot and walk fast. Walk fast around the store. Make a lap around the outside perimeter before you start—that is usually where the healthiest food is anyway. People will look at you funny. Smile at them. Try not to run down any elderly folks or small children; stores frown on that.

Microwave Master

If you use a microwave, you probably find yourself occasionally wandering around waiting for things to heat up. Use that time wisely. Do a minute of pushups, two minutes of walking lunges, a minute of tricep dips. It’s okay if your husband walks in and looks at you funny. I’ve been married for 18 years so little I do surprises my husband, but your husband loves you—a little kitchen fitness won’t change his view of you. And if you have little kids, they will find this uproariously funny and join you.

Do any of you have tips for sneaking in a little exercise? I’m working all day and running my kids to activities tonight, so no gym for me today. So guess what? I’m doing squats as I type this. I’m not really. That’s kind of crazy, and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. But it is an idea…

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Make This Your Best Year

I have been writing this blog for a little over half a year. Initially designed to raise awareness of Hebron USA’s line of all-natural digestive and respiratory products, it has evolved into much more. It seems once you start getting healthy in one area, it naturally progresses into others, and before you know it, you’re approaching every aspect of your life from a whole new point of view.

No More OTC

When I first started using Hebron USA products, I was all ready a pretty health-conscious person. I ate a relatively nutritious vegan diet, spent 3-4 days a week in the gym, and avoided medicine and chemicals. As we enter February, I’m happy to say, I have not used any over-the-counter chemical medications in more than six months, and I feel fantastic.

No More Side Effects

I continue to take Florax DS once a week for its digestive and immune benefits. I take Kios DS as needed for occasional heartburn or indigestion. My family was hit hard by sinus infections and strep throat this year, so we’ve gone through quite a bit of Bromelin DS and Propolis DS. It’s a huge relief to know the medications I’m giving my family are completely safe and natural with no side effects.

No More Beating Ourselves Up

While getting our bodies fit and healthy is great, we also need to work on improving our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. So in 2013, No More Bellyaching will focus on improving every aspect of our lives. We’ll talk about topics ranging from the best workouts to tighten your booty to the best time of day to take your probiotic, and from the benefits of a cleanse to the importance of just eating whatever you want from time to time.

No More Delaying Joy

This is the beginning of my 40th year, which some helpful person pointed out means this is my 5th decade on earth—sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut. Regardless, I’m planning to make it the most amazing year yet. Won’t you join me?